• Community Fundraising Made Easy

  • Got a community that values diversity?

    The Indigo Flamingo is on a mission to create a more inclusive world. We're partnering with like-minded communities worldwide to help them raise funds & share the message of celebrating diversity.

  • How it works

  • Case Study: Emmerick Street Preschool, Sydney

    Simone Delagarde

    Teaching Director

    "Using The Indigo Flamingo as a fundraising tool was a great success for our Preschool. Our community participation rate was really high and raised a significant amount of money by just sending two emails.


    Marc and his team made the process really easy and it felt effortless. It felt as if the book sold itself!! I have had lots of beautiful feedback from families about the book and the children are loving it.


    The book's message really resonated with our children and they often refer to the book when talking about difference and kindness."

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