• Indigo Flamingo Book written by Marc Cowper

    Help build a more inclusive world & raise money for kids in need.

    The Indigo Flamingo was a little different to the other flamingos...and she couldn't be happier about it.


    Through her kindness and dancing conga line, the Indigo Flamingo cheers up animals of every colour of the rainbow who feel challenged by their own uniqueness.


    Encourage inclusiveness and celebrate diversity with your children through this wonderfully engaging rhyming picture book.


    The loveable characters will have your child singing along to the book's repeated chorus around acceptance and inclusivity.

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    Once upon a time, there lived
    a very unique flamingo.
    She never stood still, she was always dancing,

    and her feathers were bright indigo.


    But this upset the other flamingos,

    who thought all feathers should be pink.

    They didn’t like that she was different,

    they never stopped to think...


    that perhaps her indigo feathers

    should be a beauty to adore.

    And if everyone was coloured pink

    it would be quite a bore.

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    They wanted her to stand still,

    to wade for hours in the sea.

    “But I want to dance” she thought.

    “Standing still!? It’s just not me!”


    So off she went into the forest

    to see who she could find.
    “Perhaps I’ll meet some other friends

    and start a conga line!”

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    Suddenly, she saw a blue gorilla...

    “Oh help! I don’t know what to do.

    All the gorillas have black fur,
    but mine is coloured blue.”


    “There there gorilla, never mind.
    The world would be boring if we were the same all the time.
    You know what’s great? You’re one-of-a-kind!
    Would you like to join me and make a conga line?...

  • Reviews From Teachers

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    Diane, Deputy Principal

    Coogee Public School

    “I LOVE this book! The author has combined the delightful style of Mem Fox with modern messages explored in classrooms around inclusiveness, empathy and celebrating diversity..."

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    Lauren, Primary School Teacher

    The Scots College

    "A must for any young child! The beautiful illustrations and rhyming create a wonderful vehicle for parents to entertain and educate their children about acceptance..."

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    Jillian, Preschool Director

    Idaho Preschool

    "The perfect book for my preschoolers! The themes, the recurring chorus, the animals and the clever connection to the colours of the rainbow all come together to make a highly captivating storybook..."

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    Carla, Head of Learning & Teaching ELC-Year 6

    Masada College

    "An engaging and endearing story about the importance of being true to yourself, including others and always being kind..."

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    Danielle, Primary School Teacher

    Maroubra Junction Public School

    "Wow, what a beautiful little picture book for kids to learn valuable life lessons! I'd recommend this to any parent or teacher. If you liked 'Giraffes Can't Dance' you'll love The Indigo Flamingo!"

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  • The Creators

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    Written By

    Marc Cowper

    "After 17 years of developing advertising campaigns to help corporations get richer, I figured it was time to focus my creative powers on humanitarianism over consumerism.


    My goal when creating The Indigo Flamingo was to do my small part in creating a more accepting and inclusive world for my daughter (Indigo) to live in.


    The book aims to create a fun and simple way to generate empathy and kindness in children from a young age. My hope is that it can help kids identify the importance of diversity and raise money for kids in need."

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    Illustrated By

    Alice McMurtrie

    "I'm an Illustrator & Designer from Sydney, Australia. I have always loved art and design and after completing studies at Enmore Design Centre, I went on to study Graphic Design at Tractor Design School which shaped my process of bringing hand-drawn natural world themes into the digital realm.


    When Marc asked me to illustrate this story, it was a no brainer for me! It's such a crucial message for not just children, but for everyone. We are all different. And, instead of seeing these differences as a barrier, we should be celebrating them and learning from one another."

  • Classroom Resources

    The Indigo Flamingo has a number of literary devices that can be tied to school curriculum to address Cultural Diversity, Personal and Social Capability, Literacy, Numeracy, Critical and Creative Thinking.

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    Coming soon: Script Notes for Class Play

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